Best Blogging Applications of the iPhone

Everyone knows the importance of iPhones nowadays people own them for their personal use through which they enjoy the great adventure of different features in iPhone including checking their email and surfing the net in their daily life. Browsing included. But there is another big advantage if you know and ie a person can easily blogging from his iPhone.

App Store contains some good tools/applications which allow us to maintain or update our blogs through iPhone.


The WordPress app is free and I think probably everyone knows that WordPress is an open-source project. This app will allow you to update or manage your WordPress blog directly from your iPad or iPhone. With the help of the WordPress app, you will be able to moderate your comments and you will be able to easily create or edit your blog posts and pages. All you need is an iPhone or self-hosted blog with yourself and your personal blog on


If you’re already signed up for Tumblr, the free Tumblr app will be a great tool for you because with the Tumblr app you can easily post your photos, quotes, and many more to your Tumblelog. You’re also able to post video and audio directly from the iPhone 3GS or later. The Tumblr dashboard is built into the app and you can easily search Tumblr to keep yourself updated with everyone else.


If you guys are looking for a combined blogging tool for your iPhone that provides you different types of blogging services/engines then the iBlogger app would be the best option. This is not a free app and will charge you around $9.99. Compatible with iBlogger, MovableType, Drupal, TypePad, WordPress, and many other blogging services. You can flexibly create posts, tags, images, links, categories and many more with this app. iBlogger will also let you blog your current location with a touch of a button and it will be useful on the go.

Joomla Admin Mobile

Joomla Admin Mobile is also a useful app that will cost you $9.99 and is especially useful for Joomla users. Joomla users will be able to maintain and update multiple Joomla sites with Joomla Admin Mobile (JAM). Users can easily create, edit, delete and view their Joomla articles, categories, users, menus, and sections. With the help of the JAM app, you will be able to filter your articles and insert images into articles. All you have to do is load the app on your iPhone and on the other hand make sure that Joomla 1.5 XML/RPC is installed on each controlled site.


Squarespace app is a great app for users to keep their blog updated and the app will allow you to manage or create post content on Squarespace blog, post your images, and also view your site. With the app, you can easily manage multiple sites on Squarespace and you’ll even be able to create a brand new account within the app.


BlogPress is an application that will charge you $2.99 ​​and it works with the iOS family that supports various blogging services like MSN, Blogger, TypePad, MovableType, WordPress, Drupal, LiveJournal, and Joomla. With the help of the BlogPress app, you can easily upload videos and also blog your location. You can easily add multiple images to one blog and with a single click will send the same entries to multiple other blogs. The app is capable of working in landscape mode thanks to the large keyboard. BlogPress provides the facility to create or manage your tags, labels, categories, and selectable publication dates. Apart from this, it will also work with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr.


The altBlogger app will charge you $0.99 and it’s easy to buy a blogging app for your iPhone. You will be able to publish new posts on your blog and it will support multiple blogs. With the altBlogger app, you can manage your tags and labels and easily view post comments. The drawback you will find with the app is that you cannot edit published posts and you cannot add images to your blog. Instead, if you need a simple publishing tool on then this can be a good working tool for you.

CoverItLive iPhone

CoverItLive is a free-to-use iPhone app that helps journalists, media companies, bloggers to publish their CoverItLive events from iPhone. With the help of this app, you can publish media and comments with coverage up to a minute and it can be suitable for publishing live events. With the CoverItLive iPhone app, you can easily post audio, photo, and video with the built-in Twitter feature. Additionally, you can manage reader comments as well.

Pen My Blog

Pen My Blog is also a free tool for that allows you to create/edit, delete your posts on the Blogger blog from your iPhone. And if you want to do blogging on but don’t want to pay a single penny for any app then Pen My Blog will be the right choice.


Hubpages is a free app that allows you to manage Hubpage’s interests. With the Hubpages app, you can post and comment on status updates, forums, hubs, and more. You’ll also be able to go hub hopping to approve comments, get hub stats, and locate and rate new hubs.


There are about 40 different templates in Notegraphy. By using any of these, you can make your blog or post more attractive and more attractive. If you are looking for a fun blogging experience then this blogging application will not let you down. Another attractive feature of this is that you can easily create a gallery with all your articles and notes. Moreover, you can easily share all these posts on various social media platforms. Connecting and interacting with other bloggers is super easy using Notegraphy.


Due to the intuitive and impressive user interface offering a whole host of useful features, Blogo is extremely popular among bloggers who use iOS devices. This blogging app is so efficient that it can get the best possible results from a novice blogger. Doing any task becomes faster by using this application as it provides some shortcuts to accomplish many important tasks.

One of the most impeccable features of Blogo is that you can work on your blog or article even in offline mode. The Pro version of this blogging application supports Using this Pro version, you can efficiently manage more than one blog at the same time. Moreover, the preference panel offered by Blogo helps you maintain the workflow.

BlogTouch Pro

Whether you want to publish a new blog post or edit an already existing one along with managing comments, BlogTouch Pro is going to make your tasks easier. As per your choice, you can change the color, format, style of the text. In short, this blogging application will help you to improve the quality of your article. One of the most interesting features of BlogTouch Pro is that you don’t need to delay your work if you don’t have access to the internet at any point. Work whenever you want, even when you’re offline, and post it later when internet access is available.


Creating a website or store or blog on an Apple device is no headache if you have Weebly installed on your iPad or iPhone. Hence, this app is not only a blogging app but also a tool to create a user-friendly website. This app enables the convenience of choosing the fittest text and design elements from the many available options. Also, using this you can directly upload various images from the camera roll.

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