Best Strategies For Promoting Your Website

Do you have a website or blog on which you publish content every day but still can’t get enough visitors?

Have you just created your first blog and are interested in trying out all the different ways to promote it?

This article presents the most effective strategies you can use to promote your blog and instantly attract visitors who are genuinely interested in your niche.

1. Stop Tweaking/Modifying Your Blog

Are you spending too much time tweaking your blog to make it feel right? Let me tell you, the overall design doesn’t matter as much to your audience as your content does. Instead of revising your blog from time to time, focus on creating content that is fresh, engaging, and informative for your readers and keeps them coming back for more.

2. Creating Pillar Content

Creating quality content is one of the biggest challenges for bloggers as it is not easy to create high-quality content on a regular basis. Good content has a powerful impact on your audience, so it’s important that you take the time to create high-quality columnar content that can strengthen your blog’s reputation. Column content refers to a series of posts that represent the best content of your blog. It includes all the great posts that you will refer new visitors to for their usefulness.

Great content serves as a source of good and informative messaging to your audience within your particular industry. Pillar posts provide major support to your blog and are considered a very important component or staple of your blog. When you start promoting your blog, the columnar content will serve as your bait to attract more traffic.

Once you’ve set up your blog, the very first strategy you should implement is to create relevant posts and fill your blog with some really new, yet interactive information.

3. Don’t Focus Too Much on Monetizing your Blog

Many new bloggers create blogs to earn money. Although there is no harm in making money, putting too many banner ads on your blog can be too distracting for your visitors. If there are too many, they can make your blog really ugly and they can really drive your visitors away from your blog. Do you still think this can be a great way to promote your blog? I bet you don’t. In fact, you should focus on building your email list and a targeted pixel list. By re-targeting your visitors through paid ads they will both help you get what you are desperately looking for, more visitors and more money.

4. Research Your Niche and Find out Who and What Matters

One very important step that you should take before starting your blog is to thoroughly research your niche. You need to spend time knowing all the ins and outs of your niche and knowing what matters, for example, who are influential, big players, and small players contributing to their abilities. You should make a list of all competing sites, channels, podcasts, influencers, communities, and groups operating in your particular niche.

By doing this, you will have a prime reference file of all your competitors within your niche. You will be able to see what they are doing and talking about and all the items they are putting up for sale and the products that are popular with your audience.

5. Reach Out To Your Audience

Once you have your blog set up well and have great content to attract your audience, start promoting your blog. Before starting your blog, get a comprehensive list of all the influencers you have created, big players and small players. Keep a close eye on the smaller players, as you need them for blog promotion. You can start by offering them testimonials, case studies, or even a blog post they are interested in publishing. It is important for you to initiate face-to-face relationships with players big and small. By commenting on other people’s sites and sharing their work on your blog, they will start to recognize you and engage with you.

6. Be an Expert in Your Niche

Whether your niche is SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, or any other, you should not only gain extensive knowledge about your niche but also present it through your blog in an interactive and engaging manner. Your prospective audience is waiting to read content that meets them and their needs. It is the power of your writing and expert analysis that will help you attract your audience.

7. Post Comments

Commenting on blog posts and participating in various forums and social groups is often seen as a way to get backlinks. But if it is done properly then there will be no such problem. Always post comments on blog posts only when you have something meaningful and informative to add. Be sure to use your own name, not your brand, to do this. Participate in niche groups and influencer communities on social media. Present yourself as an authority in your niche and actually help people. Don’t just leave links.

8. Create an Interactive Conversation Flow And Acknowledge Your Readers

When creating content, make sure it is engaging enough to get the audience talking. Your post should ask your audience questions and encourage them to respond or share their similar experiences. Your audience may talk to you via blog comments or email, be sure to acknowledge and respond to them. This will encourage the facilitation of conversation.

9. Monetize Your Site

When it comes to making money from your blog, take a proactive approach, as it can drive organic traffic. You can attract your target audience when you offer a product or service on your site. By creating a profit funnel, you can not only generate more leads but also generate a lot of revenue over the next few months.

10. Use Paid or Sponsored Media

Using paid or sponsored media is a viable option and an effective strategy for blog promotion. This includes blog promotion through Facebook ads, Google ads, promoted tweets, YouTube pre-roll ads, and more. These social networks can drive an incredible amount of traffic, plus, hundreds of leads to your site.

When you follow the strategies discussed above to promote your site you will not only be able to boost traffic to your site but also generate revenue from it. Remember, promoting a site or blog is not a difficult task. It just takes a little more time to understand what works. Apply one strategy at a time and see the difference.

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