Top Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog and Promote it Free

No matter what your blog is about, for it to be successful, you need to have a steady and steady flow of traffic to your blog in order to profit.

There are a lot of issues to consider when it comes to getting traffic, and often the people who are able to generate traffic to their blog are known as the masters of the internet. The truth is that driving traffic to your blog is easier than you think. It just takes some creative thinking from you and a few hours of shameless promotion.

So when you’ve exhausted the traffic sources from your family and friends, who else can bother to read your blog? The answer is probably no spirit unless you provide them with a good reason to read it. This is really the number one traffic driving secret when it comes to the topic of blog traffic.

The best way to get traffic to your blog is to use free promotional methods. The key is to have something on your blog that is worth seeing when visitors get there. There are probably millions of blogs out there and even if you manage to drive traffic to your blog, they are not going to stay on your blog for long unless there is a compelling reason for them to do so. So, before you start generating traffic to your blog, you should first think of a free promotion that can motivate people to remember your blog and visit your blog again.

The first step you can take to get traffic to your blog is to join all the forums and social networks related to your niche. If you have a blog related to dating advice, make sure you join all the dating forums you can find on the web. Just go to Google and type in “dating forums” and you’re likely to find many of them. Check their Alexa rankings to make sure this is a high-traffic forum. Don’t waste your time on forums with low traffic.

Once you’re in a forum, the first thing you need to do is figure out how to post your link. Usually, you are allowed to post your blog link in your signature. Set up your signature file with your blog link. Once this is done, take a few hours each day to post useful comments in the forum. Eventually, people will consider you an expert in your niche and they will be more inclined to check out your site.

Next traffic generation is another important one, which is to submit articles to free article directories. Note that you may not want to submit your blog posts to these article directories as this will affect your search engine rankings. The article you submit must contain a link to your blog, so when these article directories publish your articles, readers of your articles will follow through with the link to your blog. Article marketing can not only bring instant traffic to your website but can also increase the search engine ranking of your blog as well.

Last but not least, start adding people to your list and set up an RSS feed for your blog. This allows customers to enjoy your blog from the comfort of their email inbox by selecting the option on your blog software to email your blog posts every time a new blog arrives. This will be a way to attract daily traffic to your blog for free and post the traffic you get from your forum back to your blog.

One of the best ways to get more customers is to build a website. Although setting up a website doesn’t end there, many factors such as simplicity, thoroughness, and design contribute to the success of your site. There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your website, but the big question is, which one is the best among those different methods? I give you my five tickets to increase traffic to your website without spending much.

Advertise on the many social media accounts available. Since social media channels are free for all, this first step is not rocket science. Facebook is the best example to promote your company/product/services or content. Twitter is also ideal for short, precise, and fast links. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest are both great ways to promote your product as well as gain great traction with its image-heavy feature.

My second ticket is to display popular people relevant to your business on your site. Knowing the people who contribute to promoting and improving your company/product is a good way to increase traffic to your website thereby increasing credibility through name recognition. That way, the interviewer will likely share their interview on their site, increasing its reach.

The third ticket is to make sure your website is interactive. Don’t just create an account and share content. Create features that prompt your customers to navigate and visit your page. You can create a community to engage. People always want to speak their minds and pay attention to the topics they are interested in. You can implement a reply or comment system that will allow your customers to interact with you and other customers. It is also important that you make yourself heard not only by commenting and answering questions or inquiries but by providing insightful and thought-provoking articles. You can also include videos on your site. Join group discussions and put up relevant hashtags. You have to remember to provide only relevant topics and avoid sending spam links or unrelated websites. This will definitely capture traffic to your website.

Invite Multiple Bloggers. Bloggers can review your company and the products or services provided. Bloggers dominate the Internet world today. They can influence the netizens through their blogs. They will probably share their blog articles which will surely drive traffic to your website.

Lastly, make your site faster. You don’t want your site to load forever, it will definitely drive your site visitors away and not visit again. Remember, the faster your site loads, the better.

My Bonus Tickets Update your site on a regular basis to increase traffic to your website. A fresh, new, and updated site is definitely the norm. Sites that are constantly changing, adding, and improving their content get more traffic. People want and expect to see or learn something new every time they visit your site.

Promote Your Website For Free

1. Videos

You can create a series of videos to post on your blog and YouTube. You can record anything you like that is related to your website.

Be Creative

You don’t need to live with just recording from your screen. Some very popular videos start with the presenter outside an interesting place, like the beach or driving their car. They then drive you to their studio, where they switch to screen mode to give you the rest of the presentation. Very creative and it seems to work great.

2. Podcasting

Podcasts are always becoming popular and for good reason. They are a great way to connect with your audience. With weekly podcast shows you can have different guests each week talking about different but related information to your listeners.

3. Forums

Forums are another great way to promote your website. The secret to getting this right is to spend a lot of time answering questions asked by other users on them. You can start the post with great and relevant questions. Other users will see it when you leave your name in the post. With time you will become famous in society.

4. Articles

Articles have always been a great way to connect with potential leads. They have a great advantage because the shelf life of an article lasts as long as it is published. If it’s still relevant after a year or two it can still be viewed. Your website will be viewed by the reader with a resource box at the end of the article.

5. Guest Blogging

There are plenty of blogs that will let you comment on their posts and let you leave a link back to their website. Some bloggers actively search for writers to guest blog. This gives their blog new content and you can get more promotion on your own website and name by doing this. You can use search engines to find blogs that are looking for guest bloggers in your niche.

There are many other ways to promote your website. Consistent action is the key to success and over time you will find a steady increase of readers on your website and blog.

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