Tips For Using Social Media To Benefit Your Business

The thought of using social media can be very intimidating. From small businesses to large businesses, the idea of ​​tapping into an ever-changing media world can seem like a daunting task. The marketing success that can come from using the media to build your online presence is well worth the time and effort. Below are some tips for using social media platforms to increase your success.

1. Offer Something Special to Your Audience

This does not mean that you need to offer products or services for free. It simply means that you have to give your fans and followers a reason to follow you. One way to do this is by offering a sneak peek at new and upcoming services, products, or features. This is a great way to give them an opportunity to provide you with valuable feedback before launching them to the general public.

2. Use Social Media to Provide Business Tips and Tricks

No one likes to follow a company or business online that is solely focused on making money for themselves. Customers also want to get value by following you. This is why as a company or business, it would be a good idea to share some of the business tips and tricks that you have learned over time and share them with your followers. This can go a long way in promoting your brand.

3. Showcase Your Products

If you’re trying to prove that you have the best brand of your product in the market, you can use social media to invest your money, so to speak. With social media, you can create videos showing how great your products and services are. If you are selling handbags, make a video showing its best features compared to others. If you provide services, make a video showing how your service compares to the rest. This can allow you to show the value of your company beyond just words on the website.

4. Interact With Your Visitors Consistently

One of the most important aspects of using social media is staying active with your users. By having frequent conversations with them on a regular basis, you are showing them that you can be reliable and trustworthy. Likewise, if you begin to receive a complaint, you have a chance to openly address the issue to address any concerns you may have about your services or products. Over time, you can even create a space on your social media platform or website for your customers to interact with each other.

Other Social Media Tips for Business

1. Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Like any small business marketing campaign or business strategy, you have to have a plan in place and stick to it in order to be successful. Outline the goals and the steps you will take – in addition to the tools you will need to accomplish your marketing objectives.

2. Find Your Customers

With so many social networking platforms available to consumers, it can be difficult to choose a social network for your business to use. I recommend Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and YouTube to get started. You can also do research to find out where your customers already congregate online. You may find few special sites to join beside the Big Four.

3. Social Time Schedule

Once you become a social resource for customers you have to stick with it and be there on a regular and consistent basis. Using social networks takes time, so schedule social media postings for yourself and your internal or outsourced employee.

4. Be Authentic and Human

People are more likely to form relationships with other people than with businesses. You can encourage customers if you use a “human” voice — not a corporate presence — when connecting in social spaces. You can do a few simple things like show a picture instead of the business logo on your profile, and assign one or two people from your small business to be your social voice.

5. Be the Expert

One of the best ways for a small business to interact with customers is to specialize in social spaces. By joining existing communities where your clients are, you can easily incorporate yourself into the community by becoming the voice of expert advice. For example, if your small business is plumbing hardware, search those online social communities on Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums, and blogs and start answering questions and offering advice.

6. Learn to Listen

It’s easy to fall into the “broadcast trap” where you spend too much time talking about how great your products are or how great this week’s sales are. In a social network, you have to stop broadcasting and listen to what your customers say. People use social networks to interact, and the best way to build a strong social connection with a customer is to become a “friend” who can listen.

7. Be Social

A small business also needs to demonstrate good negotiation skills – after all, responding to people is the best way to show that you’re listening. The purpose of a social network is to interact, and customers will get bored very quickly if you do not participate in the social flow. You can demonstrate good listening skills and increase participation by answering direct questions and comments in a timely manner.

8. Respond Often

Successful social media marketing depends on your own ability to respond to customers in a timely manner. You want to show customers that you are a “trusted friend,” so be proactive and participate in all conversations related to your company or area of ​​expertise. If you see new questions or comments, be sure to reply immediately.

9. Provide Value

You will find that your interactions and participation alone are not enough to maintain a sustained interest in your social networks. There has to be value in the conversation for people, and you have to provide a reason for people to stay and participate in your social network.

10. Offer Exclusivity

Your social network shouldn’t be just about deals, but there’s nothing wrong with making your fans, friends, and followers feel special. One way to do this is by offering rewards or promotions specifically to social networking customers.

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