Small Businesses Android Apps That Boost Productivity

In the competitive world of a rapidly growing economy, new and small businesses are finding affordable yet effective ways to increase revenue. Android apps provide good options to such businesses to increase productivity as well as increase market share. Let’s take a look at the top 5 small business Android apps that increase productivity:

Package Tracker Pro

This is a paid app that allows you to easily track your shipping packages. It caters to multiple shipping carriers like Aramex, Brazilian Post, Canada Post, City Link, DHL USA to name a few. The app offers package as well as parcel tracking as well as tracking notifications and alerts via ringtone, email, or LED. In addition, the app lets you sync the tracking list between the sync site and the phone thereby saving time on track. You can also email information, customize your carrier listing, and display a package route map (if available). It has garnered a user rating of 4.6 as it is a highly customizable and intuitive app.

Cloud Print

This free app for Android allows you to print files from your Android device to your printer. Follow the configuration video to set up the Google Cloud Print Service on your computer. Not only that, but you can share your printer with your friends, do mail or SMS printing, it provides an internal browser for file management, allows the printing of webpages, and lets you print from the clipboard. lets you. In addition, using the Cloud Print app you can print to any printer connected to Google Chrome with SMS and contact list printing. With the in-built feedback button in the app, users can report any operational issues to the developers instantly. The app has a user rating of 4.6 because it is easy to install and offers free plus quick printing.

Documents ToGo

The free version of this app lets you view Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents while its paid version allows you to access Google Docs and Adobe. The paid version has more features like it gives you the ability to edit, create and view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It also allows you to view PDF documents. It comes with a range of capabilities such as it allows a desktop app for bi-directional synchronization with your device’s USB cable. You can easily transfer files from your Windows PC to your Android device using their free desktop app. With a user rating of 4.2, the app helps increase productivity by giving portable office functionality.

PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC

The app has a paid as well as a free version depending on your usage. The app will let you access files and run apps from anywhere on a remote Windows or Mac computer. The apps offer superior connectivity options, fast performance, and unparalleled security and reliability not only over Wi-Fi but also on 3G/4G networks. It has been named by PCWorld as the best cloud mobile app for Android tablets. The app is easy to set up and use and comes with a marked fixture that lets you access your home computer from anywhere in the world. With a user rating of 4.5, the app offers easy-to-operate screen tools and has minimal lag.


It’s a free app that will allow you to easily access, share and edit documents and stay in touch with your team members from any device. It helps to create quick presentations, enter comments and see updates from colleagues. According to statistics, 92% of Fortune 500 companies use Box for easy and secure data sharing. The app provides a secure platform to access, edit and manage files directly on your Android phone or tablet. It lets you save the content in it from other apps as well as save files to your SD card. It provides an interactive platform where you can invite your colleagues to share data and leave your comments. You can quickly find the content you want with Box. This is simply a zero-complaint Android app with a user rating of 4.4.

To Sum it Up

Android apps are a must for every small business as they help build relationships and loyalty with customers. These productivity apps help you connect with customers on the go and create repeat business avenues. Android apps are one of the best and most affordable ways small businesses can use to reach their consumers.

QuickOffice Pro

The app, trusted by over 400 million users, is a complete office suite. With this app, users can edit, create and share Microsoft Office files. It has an inbuilt connected file manager through which one can share one’s work or access files with others. A user can make presentations, do formulas in a spreadsheet; Check spelling in words through this app. It frees the user from carrying a heavy laptop and makes office work very easy and comfortable.


The app is also available in free and paid versions. This app gives the facility to store business cards. It can scan and read your business card. To use this stylish app you need to take a business card image; CamCard will scan and store the contact information in the cardholder’s address book. CamCard is available in five languages ​​including English, Native Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. In case of accidental deletion of a card, the user can restore all business card details.


TouchDown can synchronize email, calendar on the device. You can transfer your data to your memory card at any time. It uses PIN, remote wipe, and data encryption to protect and privacy of your data. A user can send and receive encrypted emails. This guarantees users that emails have not been tampered with and that only the receiver can read those encrypted emails.

Call Reminder Notes

Call Reminder Notes is a very useful application for those people who keep a busy schedule all day and they sometimes forget important things during the call. This app will remind you when someone calls. A note with a person’s cell or landline number will appear on the mobile screen. One can add reminders to the address book so that he/she does not need to remember essential information while making a call. A user can set an alarm for a particular date.


File sharing is an important part of daily business operations. This cloud-based service allows users to instantly share documents and images that can be accessed from anywhere. Once you’ve set up a free account at and installed the small piece of software on your desktop computer, you can create folders that can be shared between clients and colleagues. Sharing is as simple as copying the file on your desktop to a folder in your Dropbox or dragging and dropping. Files sync instantly to your mobile device and are stored on Dropbox servers in the cloud. This is a great way to transfer files directly from your smartphone to your desktop computer without having to be physically connected.

Astrid Task

Timely completion of tasks is the key to the operation of any business. Time management issues and clutter often mean that important tasks can fall through the cracks or deadlines can be missed. Astrid Task Manager is an easy-to-use to-do list that allows you to create checklists, prioritize tasks, set alerts, and periodic reminders. It syncs with Google Tasks and Calendar so your information is always within reach. To-do lists can be shared among office workers to distribute tasks.

Google Docs

Google’s suite of web-based office applications has become a staple in the business world as colleagues are able to easily share and collaborate on documents. The Android version syncs with the web version making all your documents mobile. You can also scan documents with your phone’s camera that convert to Google Docs. This app is a must-have for anyone who regularly uses Google Docs.


Google Tasks is a to-do list-builder built into Gmail. Emails can be turned into tasks and due dates pushed to Google Calendar. The GTasks Android app synchronizes your tasks with your mobile device so you can get them done on the go. Your to-do lists can be shared via email, instant messaging, or Google Docs. Even better, they’re all searchable for easy organization.

AK Notepad

This simple note-taking application lets you set reminders and share your notes via text messaging and email. Notes can be organized by tag or pinned to your home screen for quick reminders. You can also export your notes to other services like Evernote or

With the multitude of applications available for Android smartphones, it is easy to see that the options for business-related applications are plentiful. Taking their productivity to the next level, the Android smartphone has become an essential tool for anyone managing or operating any business.

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