Monday , 8 August 2022

Telugu Dating Girls

Romica Telugu Girl Looking For Sincere Love Future Caring Partner

I am a positive and kind girl who gets along with everybody. My life is pretty balanced between my study and family time. Active rest is better for me as I try to stay healthy and I like to be in the good shape. I’m very friendly person and I am fond of communication a lot. I like to shine ... Read More »

Reethi Telugu Girl Looking For Chat Social Friendship Future Marriage Partner

I am very active woman and do not like to sit in one place. I love sports and always try to keep my figure in shape. I like to spend time with friends, regardless of location.I want to find a man with whom I will be happy all my life. I want to trust him completely and know that he ... Read More »

Sonurita Telugu Girl Looking For Loyal Kind Future Life Partner

I should say that I’m a very beautiful and charming girl. Many people say, that I have an inner beauty that attracts people. I know that the most important for a person is to live in harmony with his.Many girls look for their Mr. Perfect. I’m different. I’m a grown up person and I realize that nobody is perfect. My ... Read More »

Freya Telugu Girl Looking For Loyal Future Sincere Relationship

I am very trusted and composed lady. I value family traditions and my mother taught me to love children and husband and to do everything for their happiness. I am good-natured and friendly t the people around me. I have many friends and I think that all of them really like me and find me responsible lady. I will always ... Read More »

Nivya Telugu Girl Looking For Just Love Friendship With Picture

I adore my life and can be considered as a funny, smiling and life loving person. Also I would like to add that nothing can spoil my mood and that is why I can tell there is no bad weather for me. There are no bad impressions and bad emotions in my life. My life is filled with lots of ... Read More »

Kabeesha Telugu Girl Looking For Future Sincere Life Marriage Partner

A girl with a big heart is looking for her destiny, I think this is the motto that could be used describing me.but if we don’t use the motto I would just say that I am generous and open-hearted woman with ambitions and dreams. I am simple but yet sophisticated, I am shy but never too much. I am just ... Read More »

Neelja Telugu Girl Looking For Well Mannered Loving Partner

I am a very sociable person. I like meeting new people. Believe that this world is so big and I want to know as much as it is possible about the world around me and I hope that it will be really so! I am a very kind lady , I am always doing my best to help people I ... Read More »

Hemitraa Telugu Girl Looking Sincere Friendship And Life Partner

I would like to know a kind, honest responsible self assured person that knows what he wants in life. Someone who will able to protect and take care of the person that he loves. I want to find a man, who will love me not because of my appearance but also because of my bright inner world, my kind and ... Read More »